Apple HomePod May Leave White Rings on Some Wood Furniture


Apple who a short while ago recognised the burning problem but failed to come up with a solution acknowledged claims that the device discolours wooden surfaces, leaving a white mark. Pocket-lint's review said the HomePod left a white ring on their table after only 2 minutes.

The issue comes as Apple's £319 ($349) HomePod became available for sale in the US, UK and Australia on February 9.

The Apple HomePod has been praised for having fantastic audio quality, but spending more than $400 on a speaker you want to be able to use it for more than music streaming. In the case that the white rings don't fade, Apple recommends "cleaning the surface with the manufacturer's suggested oiling method". Despite fading over several days, the reviewer could still see the blemish. It's unclear why exactly the HomePod is causing these rings.

So, it may not leave a ring behind on all wooden surfaces, just those that are treated with oil. While Apple is acknowledging this issue, it doesn't really call it a design flaw.

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Now, it looks like another issue has been added to the HomePod's list of drawbacks.

Apple traces the issue in one of its support webpages down to the "vibration-damping silicone base" on the HomePod. The Apple HomePod as you might have guessed relies heavily on Apple's ecosystem which means if you don't have iPhone or Apple Music then probably you should skip HomePod but we aren't talking about that. The HomePod shouldn't leave a mark on surfaces with a polyurethane finish.

It is now not clear if the problem affects all HomePods or just the initial batch given away to reviewers. Recently, we learned that the smart speaker is hard to fix and the cost to get it repaired could be as much as buying a new HomePod (when out of warranty or for damage that is not covered).

"If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks", it continues.