YouTube Execs on Logan Paul Scandal: "Actions Should Speak Louder Than Words"


Following Paul's recent video in which he and his friends laughed at the body of a man who'd committed suicide in Japan's Aokigahara Forest, uproar and widespread disgust has raged among viewers, and he was called out on social media in what can only be called a PR disaster for YouTube.

He also said the channel will soon announce changes that will further protect the YouTube community.

While YouTube cast its net far and wide with new content regulations introduced a year ago after the, now the company seems to want to zero in on the most popular channels as their videos typically get the most views. Many apparently believe YouTube needs to remove Paul's channel permanently, although given the growing proliferation of robot tweets in the Twitterverse, it's really hard to say which critics are real and which ones are Memorex.

"Plus he's left video evidence, on his own YouTube channel", said a former police detective, according to the Daily Beast.

YouTube has suspended projects with U.S. internet star Logan Paul following his controversial video showing the body of a suicide victim. However, Paul did confirm that he was going on hiatus to reflect on his actions a few days before YouTube released their decisions.

As of now, Paul says he will be taking a break from YouTube for a while.

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However, Paul took it upon himself to step away from publishing videos for some time.

Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently.

The popular video platform has now removed Paul from Google Preferred, a program created to ensure that brands sell its ads alongside the top 5 percent of YouTube's content creators. YouTube severed ties with Paul less than two weeks later.

Removing Paul's work from the Google Preferred platform cuts off a significant route to advertising revenue through YouTube.

YouTube did not clarify what consequences Paul will see for posting the video, but many users are calling for a ban from the video-sharing service. Additionally, the network reports they will not feature Paul in the fourth season of its series "Foursome" and would put other work of his on hold.