With new last page, passport may not work as address proof anymore


The ministry had also said that it will soon do away with the last page of the passport that contains information such as residential address of the holder, father, mother, spouse names and passport number.

Regular Passport is categorised under ECR and ECNR - for those who require an emigration check, ECR is issued; for those who do not, get an ECNR.

In India, a passport is issued by the President of India for the objective of worldwide travel and serves as a legal proof of Indian citizenship as per the Passports Act (1967).

To keep in line with the global standards, Indian passports may soon not include any information printed on its last page. This will increase the speed of the process of emigration as the colour of the passport will make it clear whether the emigration check is required or not.

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The last page of the passport includes the father or legal guardian's name, the names of the holder's mother, spouse and their address.

The history of passport dates back to approximately 450 BC when King Artaxerxes I of Persia issued a letter to an official named Nehemiah for travelling beyond his country to Judea, the modern day Israel.

The ministry examined the recommendation of the committee in consultation with concerned departments and ministries and came to a conclusion that the last page of the passport would remain blank. Hence, no longer the passport can be used for verifying your address. Till now there are three types for passports and it all has different colours, white for government officers and those travelling on work allotted by the Centre, red for diplomats and blue for other citizens.

Currently, barring diplomatic and official passports, all Indian passports have blue cover. The Controller General said that persons obtaining new passports would be issued with the new document while those holding the current passports could use them until the validity ended.