Why Does Oregon Have Gas Station Attendants In the First Place?


It attracted some news coverage but did not, as the Detroit Free Press claimed, "send shock waves across all 98,000-plus square miles and all 4 million residents".

The latest thing out of OR is that as of January 1, it is now legal to offer self-service gasoline, leaving New Jersey as the last state that prohibits self-service gas.

Reread that last sentence.

While others took to social media to poke fun at those outraged by the idea of pumping their own gas. And it still won't in its major counties.

Twenty eighteen has begun with a debate in OR and New Jersey that has many people in the United States clinging onto laws that force consumers to have someone pump their gas for them at fueling stations.

We Michiganders know that sometimes pumping your own gas can be terrifying.

With the arrival of the new year, states across the nation are seeing the enactment of a new batch of laws.

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The alleged "panic" traces back to a Facebook post by Medford news station KTVL that asked whether OR should allow self-serve gas statewide.

The statute lists 17 reasons for the self-service ban, including fire hazard safety, higher insurance liability rates, accommodation for people with disabilities, exposure to toxic fumes, and the addition of fuel attendant jobs, especially for young people. HB 2482 does not require all gas stations in the state to have self-service pumps at all hours of the day. Besides I don't want to go to work smelling of gas when it I get it on my hands or clothes. This is a very bad idea.

In 2015, legislation was passed to allow motorists to pump their own gas at night in rural areas of the state, even in cases where the stations were technically open. "I don't like to smell like gasoline".

"Last time I went to OR, I got out and pumped my own gas, the attendant came running and yelling telling me I couldn't do that..." I was in the back seat when brother was nabbed through the locked door by a transient creeper who raised him to be his human ottoman.

Another likened residents to people in infomercials who can't perform menial tasks.

"So if I move to OR, do I put "experienced gas pumper, 17 years" on my resume?" commented Case C. Capehart on Twitter. And although it is a struggle, I refrain from wearing skirts in winter so I don't get cold while pumping my gas. It's too hazardous. It's too unsafe. They still have the option of keeping attendants on hand to make sure you don't blow yourself up or spill gasoline on your pants.

To be fair, these Oregonians have a point: Pumping gas is a pretty hard task, right up there with scraping your windshield and turning the heat on. This annual tradition nearly always brings some news of the freaky sort and what better place to look than Oregon? Though the majority of people either like or are indifferent to the change, there are some who believe being allowed to pump your own petrol is absolutely a harbinger of a world gone mad. It's only 13 steps long.