What 2018 Holds for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


With Bitcoin Cash climbing ($45B market cap) and the Ripple price chart still looking down, it could fall to number four if things don't turn around. 2018 will bring new opportunities as well as challenges for cryptocurrency investors. If these four coins are the only ones you plan to trade, then GDAX is all you need. In the long-run, market cap will be less relevant as various currencies distinguish themselves with underlying technology and real world use.

It started out 2017 at $4.33 - meaning the digital currency enjoyed extraordinary growth a year ago. This has led to Bitcoin beginning to lose favour to other cryptocurrencies (collectively dubbed altcoins) as a payment method, but its long history and robust performance have led to it retaining its crown as the ultimate cryptocurrency, at least in terms of wealth storage.

Regulatory changes in major bitcoin economies such as China, South Korea, Japan and the USA could also affect asset prices - so cryptocurrency investors will need to position portfolios accordingly and keep a close eye on regulatory developments at home and overseas.

The probability of failure of many new cryptocurrency projects is less as they are backed by a lot of money.

The race for supremacy in crypto land changes daily and it is hard to keep up with the high paced markets. However, not all exchanges require user verification yet. But using Ether as currency is also fine, mostly due to its speed and low prices. It has grown recently amid Bitcoin-driven interest, but spent several years stagnant before that. There are a number of projects which raised excessive funding at irresponsible implied market cap prices (not a valuation) on legally questionable grounds.

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SPACE COINS Stellar price and how to buy - how much is the cryptocurrency worth today? USA dollars, into the market. Internal Revenue Service and the South African Revenue Service have already announced that they are using blockchain tracking software to locate cryptocurrency traders who have not been appropriately declaring their investment income.

Managing director and head of research at venture capital firm Blockchain Capital, Spencer Bogart, predicts that regulation will be detrimental to cryptocurrency market value.

Coindelta: A cryptocurrency platform started in 2017. In addition we run a Weekly Bitcoin Webinar and have an IG Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator to help you gauge the market and make more informed decisions. In the interim, the bitcoin had also charted a fresh peak of $19188.87 during the first week of January 2018. In a wide-ranging interview with FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo, Bitcoin's most high-profile critic took back last year's statements, saying that there is true value in the blockchain - the technology that underpins bitcoin - and he regrets calling it a fraud.

Most investors took a massive loss on the residual loss on major dips from Bitcoin after reaching the lucrative $20,000; this, in return, dragged most of the top cryptocurrency in the market which includes the second most popular coin in the market which was Ethereum.