WH considering Trump tweet could signal government is op


President Donald Trump will not leave for a weekend at his Palm Beach estate unless a government shutdown is averted.

While it is unreasonable to hold any President strictly accountable for every promise made on the campaign trail, especially after only one year in office, Trump's Arizona speech has proven a remarkably clear roadmap for understanding his priorities since entering the White House.

The amount, confirmed to CNN by a person familiar with the dinner, pays for a couple's dinner and photograph with Trump.

Bloomberg reports that the event is being jointly hosted by Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn, and proceeds from the event will benefit Trump's presidential campaign and the RNC.

White House staffers are mulling the idea President Donald Trump could use Twitter Friday night to signal that the federal government will not close down, a senior administration official told CNN.

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The optics of being in Mar-a-Lago during a government shutdown would be bad, the official said, but so far the contingency plan being most discussed is delaying departure until Saturday.

Trump was planning to make the 12th Palm Beach visit of his presidency.

Should Congress fail to pass a funding agreement, the federal government is due to shut down on Friday at midnight.

The House voted on Thursday night to keep the government open through mid-February but the legislation to prevent shutdown encountered obstacles in the Senate a few hours later.

After the House passed a four-week, government-wide spending bill, Senate Democrats vowed a filibuster unless there's a deal to protect around 700,000 immigrants from deportation who arrived in the U.S.as children and stayed illegally. That would be an indication the government is open, even if he signs the actual bill later on.