US Department of State Lists Georgia Among Safest Countries for Travel


The states were issued with a level 4 warning on Wednesday under new State Department guidance, the same level as Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea.

Chihuahua, where dozens were killed over a two-day span last week, was given a level 3 category, which means "reconsider travel".

Again crime and gang activity are the two most commonly listed causes, alongside travel restrictions on United States government employees meaning they have a "limited ability to provide emergency services".

However, the rate of homicide in Colima has seen a serious increase in recent years rising to Mexico's most risky states with 83.3 murders per 100,000 inhabitants last year due to the expansion of drug organizations such as the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel.

To ensure safe travel throughout Mexico, the State Department suggests the following tips: Use toll roads when possible and avoid driving at night, exercise increased caution when visiting local bars, nightclubs, and casinos, do not display signs of wealth, such as wearing expensive watches or jewelry, and be extra vigilant when visiting banks or ATMs. The list also included Mexico's most populous state - the State of Mexico - which also had most suburbs of Mexico City and Jalisco, the Puerto Vallarta resorts and the lakeside expat community of Chapala and Ajijic.

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The violence also spread to some popular tourist areas a year ago, like Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico's southeast that had several resort areas, and 134 homicides were registered in the state until August 2017.

However, at least two Mexican resorts - Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and Acapulco - are in a do-not-travel state, Guerrero, and previous year, the State Department extended a total ban on personal travel by US government personnel there. Personal travel by land and to the resort city of Acapulco had already been prohibited.

The US Department of State cautions citizens not to travel to Iran. Michoacan was so dominated by a drug cartel that vigilantes took up arms in 2013 to drive them out. The new system includes a "Travel Advisory" that provides levels of safety ranging from 1-4 for every country. However, despite the cartel activities, Los Cabos saw 16 percent increase in tourism arrivals and an 18 percent rise in hotel occupancy in 2017, reports said, citing Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

Trump said later he, but only if Congress can agree on a bill that also provides funding for a border wall and introduces other immigration-control measures.