Trump's first year a failure but base cheer performance


However, a recent Gallup Poll within the USA showed Trump receiving only a 38 percent approval rating.

Of all the countries surveyed, approval of US leadership has declined by 10 percentage points or more in 65 countries, including some longtime USA allies. In Canada, the fall was a massive 60 percent and in Mexico, 28 percentage points. The new figures mark the first time since 2007 that more global residents disapproved of USA leadership than approved of it (the figures were equivalent in 2008, each at 34 percent).

More people in the world approved of China's leadership than United States leadership in 2017, according to a Gallup poll released on Thursday.

Washington Post was next with their news of the President Trump's rally in Pensacola having little attendees, followed by CNN's report of the USA president over-feeding the fish during his visit with Japan's prime minister.

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Trump's lowest point in Gallup's weekly polling - 35 percent - remains higher than those of several earlier presidents. Russian support for the United States has grown 6% under Trump, though that's not saying much, since only 8% of Russians approve of American leadership. His approval ratings from some of his major constituent groups - whites, men and seniors - are below 50 percent, the latest findings show.

It's that simple - there are some things you just shouldn't say out loud in front of witnesses, no matter how much you might think them.

Overall, only 30 percent in Asia approved of U.S. leadership while 32 percent approved of China's leadership. But it doesn't include a fix to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, an Obama-era temporary amnesty set to expire in March for "Dreamers", illegal immigrants who came to the children. According to Gallup, that's a record for any major world power, not just the US, in the past decade. "The now on almost even footing with China (31 percent) and barely more popular than Russian Federation (27 percent) - two countries that Trump sees as rivals seeking to 'challenge American influence, values and wealth'". Twenty percent said the economy and low unemployment, 13 percent said "putting America first", 10 percent said the Republican tax law, and 10 percent said military gains against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The polling and research organization concluded, "It is clear that based on the trajectory of what the world thinks of the USA, numerous US alliances and partnerships that the Trump administration considers a "great strength" are potentially at risk".