Trump ends with lowest average rating for first year


America's loss of prestige produced relative gains for our peer-competitors according to Gallup.

Global approval of the United States has fallen to a new low, from 48% under Obama to 30% under Trump, Gallup's global leadership poll finds. That stood in stark contrast to Gallup's polling on Obama in 2009 and George W. Bush in 2001, when far fewer cited such concerns about personality or character as reasons for their negative opinions. The 43% median disapproval, up 15 points from the previous year, set a new record as well, not only for the US but for any other major global power that Gallup has asked about in the past decade.

Israel is among a handful of countries whose support for U.S. leadership has significantly increased under President Donald Trump, according to a poll released Thursday.

The CBS poll also finds 67% saying the economy is in good shape, with 71% of individuals within that group also saying Trump's policies are at least partially responsible for that situation. Only 13% of Norwegians approve of US leadership, compared with 83% who disapprove.

That the Republicans polled here view Trump as a unifying force, an assessment in such stark conflict to the broader results, underlines the depth of the partisan division. The standing of the United States collapsed by over 10% on the world stage with more than 65 of the 135 countries, which accounts for more than half.

Since Trump took office, he's withdrawn the United States from both the Paris climate accord and Trans-Pacific Partnership, leaving other nations to take on a greater leadership role. "This historic low puts the US's leadership approval rating on a par with China's and sets a new bar for disapproval". It dropped 40 percentage points in Canada and 28 points among Mexicans, who have been a frequent target of Trump's insults and on whose border Trump is trying to erect a wall.

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The organization surveyed 134 countries and areas to rate their views on us leadership under Trump one year after he took office.

Clinton's second-term sets the high bar for these metrics, with his average approval rating exceeding 60%, coinciding with the highest recent presidential term averages for US satisfaction and economic confidence.

We'll just have to wait and see what year two of Trump's presidency holds. A confident Chinese president Xi Jinping recently proclaimed that China is "blazing a new trail" for developing countries to follow. However, the report adds: "It's important to note that Russians' ratings are heading in a positive direction for the first time in years; the current rating is up six points from 2% in 2016".

Positive views of the USA grew noticeably in only a handful of countries, including Israel, Belarus, Liberia and Macedonia. "The bottom line is that the United States has added a degree of unreliability", Haas said about Trump's first year in office in a CFR podcast on Tuesday. While the rating for the latter improved 6 points from 2016, it still showed vast disapproval among a populace whose leader Trump has sought to build stronger ties with.

However, these achievements don't appear to have shifted the winds of global disapproval blowing Trump's way.

Early this month, Trump goaded North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Twitter, claiming he has a "bigger & more powerful" nuclear button.