Trump deserves 'big' credit for North Korea talks, says South Korea


Moon credited Trump for facilitating those talks, saying in an address Wednesday prior to his call with the USA president that Trump played a "big" role. "And I know more about wedges than any human being that's lived".

"If the South Korean authorities really want detente and peace, they should first stop all the efforts to bringing in United States nuclear equipment and conducts exercise for nuclear warfare with foreign forces", the newspaper said in a commentary Thursday.

Now, Trump has changed his tune (after South Korea's president suggested that USA sanctions on North Korea are a reason for diplomacy efforts) and announced that no military action would occur while the two countries were holding talks.

"A lot of good talks are going on now".

"We have been much tougher on China, but not almost as tough as I would be, but they are helping us a lot with North Korea, he said in response to a question".

The Kremlin strongman congratulated the North Korean dictator, saying he had won the latest stand-off with the US and South Korea.

Fears of a catastrophic conflict between the USA and North Korea spiked as the leaders of the two nations taunted each other, with President Donald Trump calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "Rocket Man".

Trump and Moon spoke by phone Wednesday morning Washington time. Kim called the 71-year-old American president "the mentally deranged USA dotard".

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"We had a very, very good conversation and we'll see where it goes", Trump told reporters during a photo session at the White House.

"I never met Putin", Trump said in 2016.

In rare talks between the rival Koreas held at the shared border village of Panmunjom, the North has agreed to send athletes and a cheering squad to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang next month.

Swedish Ambassador Olaf Skoog said after the meeting that North Korea's decision to participate in the Winter Olympics is "a positive development". Moon agreed Wednesday that Kims decision to start a dialogue with the South could be a sign that the Trump administrations policy of applying maximum sanctions and pressure was working.

A White House statement said the two leaders discussed Macron's recent visit to China and committed to continue to apply pressure on North Korea.

Vladimir Putin has said he believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has "won this round" with Donald Trump.

During a televised news conference in Seoul, Moon described the North's Olympic participation as "very desirable", but said inter-Korean relations can not be improved without progress in the nuclear standoff and vice versa.

Kim has vowed never to give up his country's nuclear weapons, regarding them as his last line of defence against a United States invasion.