The World Ends With You returns remixed on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has been the king of doing its own thing (for better or worse) since before the NES was released, and it continues down that path with the Switch. The game will be available from April 24.

Nintendo has been taking many bold moves lately and it seems to be paying off with Nintendo selling over 10 million Nintendo Switch consoles in 2017 with its flagship release game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild selling over four million copies alone. The previously announced Payday 2 got featured, announcing a Switch exclusive character. Considering that the primary criticisms of that game revolved around its lack of content and innovations, we'd say that the quick reveal of Mario Tennis Ace's story mode suggests that Nintendo is aware of what went wrong and is willing to fix it.

The sequel also has improved graphics, more items, and even more prisons to challenge a player's stealth and problem solving skills. GDC 2018 will once again showcase the games created on the fifth TrainJam, a two-day game jam that takes place on an Amtrak train travelling from Chicago to the conference in San Francisco.

A Fire Emblem game is expected to arrive on the Switch in 2018.

The rumored Nintendo Direct has been confirmed and revealed in an update to the official Nintendo site. Fire Emblem series brings some of the best strategy games and since long, players have been waiting for a proper console game.

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Third-party developers shied away from the Wii U, but can't wait to get their games on the Switch. The World Ends with You released in 2007 and is a wacky, inventive spin on the JRPG genre.

Andrew is IGN's executive editor of news and would love to play a Pokemon tennis game. There will be touch-screen functionality similarly to how the iOS version, though you can still play with a controller. The content packages include missions, maps, characters, and weapons.

In tandem with what we know is on the way, yesterday's Direct gave us a slightly clearer idea of what to expect on Switch in 2018. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be releasing on the Switch this Spring.

Funky has a host of new abilities that combine all of the other Kong's abilities into one character, including double jumping, hovering, and infinite rolling. Co-op friends can also combine their abilities to produce new effects.

You can now take one of the most infamously hard experience of the last generation with you wherever you go.