Starbucks unveils first new core espresso in more than 40 years


The coffee giant Starbucks has announced a new addition to its menu and social media is giving it rave reviews. It also devoted the entire Starbucks Web site to new beverages that can be concocted with the Blonde Espresso, including the Starbucks Blonde Flat White, which is described so beautifully by the company as "Ristretto shots of Starbucks Blonde Espresso harmonize sweetly with steamed whole milk in the Flat White".

For the first time in the chain's 46-year history, they're introducing a brand new espresso, and this one is sure to please fans of their popular Blonde Roast coffee.

With so many coffee, tea, and espresso items on the menu (not to mention a bevy of seasonal and secret beverages) Starbucks is known for offering customers choices. The Blonde Espresso offers a lighter coffee flavor than a traditional dark roast, but with the same amount of caffeine to get you going in the morning.

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Are you excited to try Starbucks' new Blonde Espresso? Just as you have the option for a Blonde Roast, Pike Place, or Dark Roast when you order drip coffee at Starbucks, now you'll have a choice for your espresso drinks, too. The beans are a combination of regions, starting with a base of Latin American coffees for body and East African coffees for "acidity and citrus notes".

New Blonde Espresso Shots are now available across 8,000 locations. According to the New York-based trade group National Coffee Association, 24% of daily coffee drinkers chose espresso in 2017, up from 18% in 2016. Blonde Espresso specifically was added in Canada previous year "to an overwhelmingly positive response from partners (employees) and customers". The new Blonde Espresso, too, has already been getting positive feedback since its debut in Canadian markets just previous year, Starbucks says.