Spoilery Avengers 4 Set Photos Raise Big Questions for Film


At first glance, it seems like a big old flashback from the Battle of NY, but what makes that impossible is Ant-Man's presence. Atop the brightly colored confection is a figurine (presumably edible and made of some type of fondant) of Thanos, played on screen by Deadpool 2 actor Josh Brolin. Remember, the actors/characters of the MCU as we know it didn't just wrap on the most recent Marvel movie, they may have actually wrapped on the entirety of their Marvel career.

"On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality".

The pictures have Chris Evans wearing his Captain America suit from the first film, but he's already hanging out with Ant-Man here. His clean-shaven face and his costume change spark a speculation that the upcoming fourth "Avengers" movie would feature a time-traveling element and the scene they were shooting could be a flashback.

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The movie has been hugely awaited as a buildup to the mega AVENGERS INFINITY WAR and as a special initiative for superhero and movie fans, the studio will be unveiling a rare and one of a kind "Glow In the Dark" Black Panther figurine! What's interesting is that Evans' Steve Rogers no longer sports the beard he's shown in "Avengers: Infinity War" sneak peeks.

She is also likely to feature alongside Hollywood hot shots, Don Cheadle, Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson among others. "The Black Panther figurine will give the fans a chance to see the King of Wakanda up-close before the movie releases in theatres next month".