South Florida Bear Attack a First, Victim Happy to Be Alive


Fort Myers-based WFTX reports that neighbors believe garbage left near trash cans at the complex could be attracting bears to the area - and that other bears have been seen near there.

Meunier says he let his dog out around 11pm Wednesday night when he walked outside and saw a 4ft bear standing next to him. I mean I didn't feel the cuts or anything.

"I came outside and he was right there and I tried to run and it wasn't fast enough", said Meunier.

Andy Meunier was knocked off his feet and managed to scramble back into his home to safety.

Meunier maganed to somehow get away from the bear and enter his apartment again. "I look like I got in a fight with Wolverine".

Meunier said he was concerned for his life — and for his 7-year-old daughter, who was asleep at the time of the attack.

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Meunier suffered several cuts across his head and chest, and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

"Truthfully, I'm not sure how I got out alive", Meunier said. "It could have been a different story".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has placed donut traps around the area hoping to lure the bear. It was bad and she came downstairs wondering where I was...

Andrew Meunier can thank a black bear for taking a chunk of skin out of face as he was walking near his apartment.

The bears are not harmed by these traps. Meunier told WZVN that he was told he's the first person to ever be attacked by a bear in South Florida.