SanDisk's tiny 1TB USB-C stick is the flawless smartphone upgrade


The storage count is not the highest we have seen because we've even seen Kingston announce a very expensive but premium 2TB flash drive called Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT. At the CES 2018 the flash memory manufacturer has displayed the SanDisk smallest flash drive ever that supports the USB-C.

The flash drive though is still in prototype stage, and there is no firm commitment as to when it should be ready for a market launch. This drive was announced previous year and came with an exorbitant price tag. The firm has also launched the smallest 256GB USB flash drive at the conference.

It has the same form-factor as other SanDisk Ultra Fit drives, which means it is just a tiny bit larger than the part that sticks into your USB port. This could also be the reason why the company has not bothered to confirm if the drive satisfies the Type-C USB Gen. 1 or Gen. 2 standard.

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This is perhaps the most talked about device from Sandisk's stables at this year's CES.

Apart from the sheer amount of storage in so small a form, the other unique aspect of the SanDisk prototype is that it comes with a USB-C interface. What is amply clear though is that all the convenience that the ultra-small flash drive stands for will also come for a price. The drive is available in 256GB, 128GB, 64GB, 32GB and 16GB storage capacities.

For professional photographers, SanDisk's parent company Western Digital also announced a revamped My Passport Wireless SSD, which is available in capacities up to 2TB and has a built-in battery to charge mobile devices. The first one comes from Western Digital, the second one comes from SanDisk. "From the parent filming a school recital on their smartphone to the drone enthusiast or pro photographer, our range of consumer solutions are created to help everyone preserve, access and share their digital world". Two portable SSDs have also been launched.