Rainy Thursday will give way to sleet and snow on Friday


Accumulating snow is possible, especially across northwest Arkansas.

"It's certainly going to be a mess and I think the important thing to know is there will be some travel impacts, even getting into the day on Saturday." he explained. While ice jams could be a concern for the region, in general it will not be a huge problem and just something to monitor and keep an eye out for.

"But as of right now, there could be snow out in Pittsburgh, and some could be lingering into Sunday", Evanego said.

"Very cold temperatures will remain over the area into next week as the cold air in already in place will reinforced over the weekend". Chance of precipitation is 40 percent. Sunshine will be abundant on Friday and that will push temperatures into the upper 20s for highs.

Friday will be rainy, with a high of 55.

After last week's winter storm that deluged coastal areas and blasted snow across New England, followed by a regional thaw, MA residents are preparing for rains Friday and Saturday that are expected to rapidly melt more snow and cause further flooding before a cold front arrives to refreeze everything. The low will be 29.

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Friday: Showers and possibly a thunderstorm, mainly before 3 p.m., then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3 p.m. Continues for a few more hours southeast (that's why snow totals are slightly higher).

But those planning to go to the MLK Parade in Gulfport at 11 a.m. Monday will want to bundle up - the day starts out at a chilly 30 degrees and warms up only to 51 degrees.

Thursday night: Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming clear, with a low around 7. Mostly sunny, with a high near 39. By noon, thermometers will show 17 degrees and people outdoors will feel like its negative six.

Today: Mostly cloudy with a 60% chance for rain and a high near 65 degrees.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 22.

The forecast for the weekend calls for moistly sunny skies with highs in the 40s. Chance of precipitation is 20 percent.