Power Being Restored At CES After Outage


The central hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center is evacuated after a power outage during CES International, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, in Las Vegas.

It is where tech companies unveil products many of us will use for decades, with 4,000 companies showing off everything from karaoke machines to the biggest TVs ever sold. Thankfully, this is CES, so there are plenty of folks on-hand to document the Central Hall evacuation and the weird scene inside.

And the more socially conscious pointed out the hypocrisy of being bent out of shape over a brief blackout at CES when an entire territory of the United States has been without power for months...


The organisers tweeted they were experiencing an "isolated power outage", adding they were working to resolve it.

Update: Things appear to have gone from bad to worse.

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Dozens of reporters queued quietly for lunch boxes in a darkened press room in South Hall. The CTA is now recommending that people check out all of the exhibitors outside.

Even after the power was restored, companies had to go through the hassle of resetting devices on display - those connected wirelessly with each other, in particular. "If our extension cord went over there we'd be out of power".

Although South and North Hall appear to have power, there have been reports that the power outages briefly extended to other areas in Vegas, including nearby hotels.

"A preliminary assessment indicates that condensation from heavy rainfall caused a flas hover on one of the facility's transformers", according to a statement from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. For more than an hour, the organizers reassured the waiting fans that the issue was being addressed as quickly as possible and that entrance will be restricted until the power is restored.