Pakistan ends intelligence cooperation with U.S. as aid halts — Global Geopolitical Series


The US today hoped that Pakistan would demonstrate its willingness to aggressively confront terror groups that operate from its soil, amid reports that Islamabad has suspended intelligence cooperation with America after the Trump administration froze military aid to it.

Responding to questions, Goldstein said the United States has so far not heard from Pakistan on its reported decision to suspend its military and intelligence cooperation with it in retaliation of the Trump administration's decision to freeze all its security assistance.

The briefing assumes significance as it was held in the backdrop of renewed allegations by the United States, which is pressurizing Pakistan to do more just to shift the blame of its failure in Afghanistan on Pakistan. "We've indicated very clearly that we are - that we believe that can happen ..."

Speaking during a seminar titled Contours of Security Environment of Pakistan, Khan said the United States was using Pakistan as a "scapegoat" for its failures in war-torn Afghanistan. So, our position hasn't changed.

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Goldstein's statement comes a week after the administration suspended almost $2 billion in security aid to Pakistan for its continued failure to take "decisive action" against terror groups operating on its soil.

The military spokesman said that they have sent documents to Afghanistan pertaining to the management of long porous border between the two countries. "[Retired army chief] Gen Kiani laid out a plan to eradicate terrorism", he said, emphasising that Gen Bajwa's mission was to transform the previous antiterrorism successes into long-term peace. "This is an opportunity for them to take decisive action, and we look forward to working with them to encourage them to do so", White said in response to a question on recent development on US-Pak relations front. The US Embassy in Islamabad has stated that it has not been informed about the suspension of military cooperation by Pakistan.

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson handed over a list of "specific asks" to the Pakistan leadership during a visit in October, but he never spelt out the details, neither did the state department.