North Korean Leader Explains Secret Letting Pyongyang Withstand Long Sanctions


In response to North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear weapons testing, such as the launches of three intercontinental ballistic missiles and the detonation of a staged thermonuclear bomb created to level cities, the U.N. Security Council has imposed tough sanctions on the rogue regime.

It will be joined mainly by the 16 nations that fought alongside or provided combat support to the South in the 1950-53 Korean War.

North Korea has repeatedly asserted that sanctions are killing its people while claiming that global diplomatic and economic pressure will never derail its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons development programs, essentially telling the world that the regime will starve its people before abandoning its weapons of mass destruction.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested he could have a good relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, but refused to say if the two had spoken.

"And maritime interdiction helps us to disrupt resources".

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Washington plans to use Tuesday's meeting to discuss the idea of stopping and inspecting suspect ships bound for North Korea, a senior official said.

Some countries, even friends of the United States, may be concerned that such methods could increase military tensions or be interpreted as an act of war by the isolated North. Trump would not confirm whether he has spoken with Kim, saying only that he didn't want to comment.

That's a fine idea, except two of the top players in the region and the countries believed to have the most influence on North Korea- China and Russian Federation - aren't invited.

Although U.N. sanctions ban countries from issuing new work visas to North Koreans, the waitresses working in China may be in the country on previously issued visas that have not reached expiration. "This ministerial will enhance and strengthen all of the efforts underway to achieve our policy goals".