No 'pandemic': flu bug charts course similar to previous year


- In a flu season that has reached near-epidemic proportions nationwide, three people in Wake County have lost their lives.

According to Dallas County Health officials, those five people all lived in Dallas County.

Ten people have died of flu-related deaths in San Luis Obispo County since December 10, according to Ann McDowell, an epidemiologist with the SLO County Public Health Department. A Houston doctor said local hospital beds were at capacity, telling flu sufferers they might be better off staying at home.

If you get the flu, stay home and rest so you don't spread it to other people. A 3-year-old who did not receive a flu shot has died in the San Antonio area. The city of Roanoake is aiming to get everyone vaccinated, by offering the shot for free at their fire station.

She said: "These statistics confirm what we've been hearing up and down the country that the complexity of treating flu, including appropriate diagnosis and segregation to avoid cross-contamination, is putting our health system under significant pressure". Texas is among 22 states considered to have the highest amount of flu cases in the the end of 2017.

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And there are about 14,000 deaths related to RSV among adults older than 65 each year.

"We have a lot of patients that come in with the typical flu symptoms", Pharmacist Jarron Yee said. More than 11,000 people have developed the flu this season as of January 6 and about a third of those people have been hospitalized. Despite the increase, they said they're prepared to fight the flu for all residents in need.

"We always have to remember that the Flu, although very common and we see it every year, is the most deadly virus", says Dr. Harkins.

HISD reported 16 students with flu-like symptoms this year, but only one has been confirmed as the flu.

The flu may not sound like a big deal, but if you've ever had it, you know it can make you feel miserable. "And by the time they go there, they already have secondary complications". "The vaccine is it well matched for it, so unfortunately I think the vaccine is good to get it better than nothing so it is probably not going to be as effective as we had hoped", said Dr. Cynthia Snider, an infectious disease with Cone Health.