Mike Tyson to open 40-acre marijuana resort in California


Mike Tyson is embarking on a new business venture outside the boxing world. The location is close to Edwards Air Force Base and aims to create plenty of jobs for the community.

The ranch will include about 20 acres for marijuana cultivation by what The Blast called "master growers".

More and more states are beginning to legalize the use of marijuana and the benefits of medicinal marijuana continue to be more well-researched and documented.

The Tyson Ranch has already begun promoting the facility's production near California City, and reportedly has Mayor Jennifer Wood's seal of approval.

Tyson Ranch will also feature an extraction facility and edible manufacturer alongside luxury cabins and "glamping" (i.e. glamor camping) campgrounds and an amphitheater to entertain guests.

Hickman told TheBlast.com that the undeveloped land will be cultivated and that Tyson Ranch will be an "oasis". The 40-acre ranch is being built in California City, an area that's expecting a major boom now that recreational marijuana is legal.

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Boxing legend Mike Tyson is now a marijuana farm owner.

Tyson's name, of course, will brand the resort nestled in Southern California: it will be known as "Tyson Ranch".

Mike Tyson will open a marijuana resort that will specialise in high-quality THC.

Tyson has never been heavily associated with cannabis up until now, although, in a 2010 AP interview, he noted that that one of his biggest regrets was not taking the opportunity to smoke weed with Tupac. In 2000, the former heavyweight champion was fined for testing positive for marijuana, and his technical knockout and win over Andrew Golota was changed to "no contest" after the test.

When he was sentenced for cocaine possession in 2007, he admitted he also used cannabis at the time.