Mexico will never pay for Trump wall: Mexican economy minister


"You need the wall".

The plan on border security came in response to a request by U.S. Sen.

On Tuesday, Trump told a group of congressional lawmakers that he'd be willing to sign a "clean DACA bill" as long as it also covered border security.

Trump's border wall, which formed a key pillar of his 2016 presidential campaign, has encountered much opposition, particularly over the growing cost and the timeline of construction.

Furthermore, following his request to congress for that $33 billion, he also said that Mexico's still going to somehow pay for this, even though, 1) they don't want it 2) they've told us they're not going to do it, and since it's going to be build on American soil, they have no obligation to pay it, and 3) it'll already be paid for, so what the hell do they care?

Vaughn, an immigration specialist focusing on the security implications of immigration law, explained that at the moment, there are just "vast stretches" of the United States border with Mexico which remain unsecure, lacking any barriers to people just walking or driving vehicles across. On Tuesday, a federal judge in California declined the Trump administration's proposal to end the program.

"There would be a government shutdown over the wall if Senate Democrats, who are in the minority, blocked the new bill needed to fund the federal government when the law now funding the federal government expires on January 19", he said. He also told us ad nauseum that Mexico would pay for it. USA voters fell for this charlatan, but Mexico didn't, and now Trump's true intent is becoming clear.

Cuellar, the son of migrant workers who represents South Texas, says some in the Democratic caucus are adamantly opposed to more barriers on the border. Democrats and some Republicans are pushing to have it preserved.

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The current stopgap spending bill expires on January 19.

I will build a great wall - nobody builds walls better than me, believe me - and I'll build them every inexpensively. "The general consensus is that a wall is not necessary", Hirono said.

As we began this new year in Congress, we have heard about discussions between House and Senate "leaders", regarding the promises they made to certain House and Senate members that they will indeed get a vote to reinstate President Obama's DACA amnesty. Everyone wants security. Then we go to comprehensive later on.

Although Democrats are willing to negotiate on border security, they are firmly opposed to Trump's wall, the funding of which still appears to be massive challenge for the Trump administration. We have to get rid of chain migration.

It also foresees the replacement of 407 miles of secondary fence, said the official, who requested anonymity to make statements to Conspiracy Talk News, because the plan has not been released to the public just yet.

Some of us who support the rule of law noted back when that was said that we had not yet been allowed to hold anyone accountable for the illegal, unconstitutional, and deadly "Fast & Furious" scandal; nor the IRS for being weaponized in an election; nor for the refusal of the Executive Branch to cooperate with Congressional investigations and subpoenas.

"Once you're a citizen, you should have the full rights of citizenship", Gallego said.