Louisiana teacher demands apology after being handcuffed at meeting


The more of you that show up and go the less of this kind of stuff will happen.

Vermilion Superintendent Jerome Puyau says he supports pay increases not only for teachers but all school employees.

The public backlash in the wake of a viral video showing Hargrave's ouster from the board meeting has been severe. By silencing my voice they have also taken away - or tried to take away - my First Amendment rights to speak and I am appalled at this and you should be, too. Each mentioned Hargrave having the courage and willingness to speak up for teachers and staff while at the meeting. The teacher's union and the ACLU are investigating and two board members are complaining that the board treats women unfairly.

Board President Anthony Fontana, who told Hargrave that she was out of order, insinuated that the entire incident was a "set up" created to make the board look bad. The crowd became agitated and Hargrave was asked to leave the meeting by a school resource officer hired by the board, The Associated Press reported.

Video shot seconds later from the hallway shows the officer handcuffing a screaming Hargrave.

The officer arrested her for "remaining after being forbidden" and resisting an officer, according to the AP.

"Today my heart is broken for money reasons, but my will is not". "But when is a good time for the superintendent to get a raise?" "As long as the bulk of the objectively reasonable people get the message, I'm happy". "However, a person has to follow the rules".

Later, the officer says she was told repeatedly to leave, she responded that she did leave when asked to. That's what you want to hear, and it's the truth.

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"What happened to Deyshia concerns all of us because we know what happened to her could have easily have happened to any one of us", said Suzanne Breaux, a special education teacher and president of the Vermillion Association of Educators.

The issue has become so contentious that the Vermilion Parish school board office went on lockdown Tuesday, but dozens are still overwhelming the OH police department located roughly 1,100 miles north. For those threats against them, more people were hurt. "It is not fair to our family", he said emotionally. "So far in 3 years, only women have been removed from board room meetings", Sara Duplechain wrote in an emailed response to AP's questions.

"I was dependably shown that what's privilege is correct and what's wrong will be wrong, and when you see something you should state it's wrong ... so I stood up", she said.

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"I agree she should not have been arrested", LaSalle said.

Hargrave told NBC News she is owed an apology from the marshal who arrested her and from the superintendent.

And the Louisiana Association of Educators and Vermilion Association of Educators are hosting a local rally Thursday afternoon in support of Hargrave, who was expected to speak at the event.

"We need to do a better job of promoting our teachers in our communities and encouraging them in their walk as educators", Edwards said. "The arrest of middle school educator and LAE and NEA member Deyshia Hargrave is a chilling infringement on her rights but educators will not be silenced".