Lenovo has a Google Home with a Display


(NASDAQ:AMZN) continue their battle over the market for voice-enabled devices.

We have entered 2nd day of CES 2018, where several electronics' manufacturers are showcasing their several innovative gadgets, while tech giants and software companies are also not sitting silently.

After Amazon released Alexa, Google shouted their new assistant, too, at the CES event this year.

Displaying YouTube videos and showing recipes are top selling points for smart displays, said Gummi Hafsteinsson, the Google product director overseeing Assistant. Users are at liberty of controlling the volume or control tracks via voice command through Google Assistant. This would be a direct challenge to Amazon.

The displays respond to "Hey Google" and they do things that are expected from a digital assistant. Google wrapped the Las Vegas Monorail trains with its "Hey, Google" voice prompt message and bought video advertisements on the Las Vegas Strip at the Fashion Show Mall. ADR (NYSE:TM) will start offering Alexa in its cars.

Dubbed smart displays by Google, the new devices introduce tablet-like screens to speakers that can obey oral commands to perform tasks like playing music, dimming lights, locking doors and setting alarms.

The company might also eventually allow you to buy products and services through Assistant.

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Why the Emphasis on Google Assistant?

Roughly 90% of Google revenue comes from advertising, and 67% of that now comes from mobile ad revenue. But the Amazon Echo has a 68% share in the rapidly growing smart speaker market.

Last year's Echo Show turned a lot of heads, which offered a bit of an interface to the otherwise faceless Alexa platform that Amazon has built. At the annual CES conference this week, we even saw a Whirlpool dishwasher with Alexa support, and a bathroom mirror made by Kohler.

Amazon's presence was decidedly less intense, but the company did a solid job keeping up in terms of partner announcements. LG, Lenovo, Sony and JBL are all integrating Google Assistant into so-called Smart Displays, which will let you interact with the Assistant in new ways.

All of that is why Google and Amazon were in a smart speaker price war during the holiday season.

"This CES is important to Google because the company wants to take control of its destiny".

In November, Google launched out an upgrade that will permit you to employ Home devices in your house as intercom systems. After months of feeling like Google Home was much more capable than I gave it credit for, there's finally a place to go where you can actually search all it can do.