Lakers reportedly concerned about LaVar Ball drama having impact on Lonzo


And after Lonzo assured Kimmel he didn't find his father annoying, Jimmy followed by asking, "What is he about?" Playing in the Big Baller Brand Challenge, Vytautas was squaring off against BC Zalgiris' second team, featuring the program's best players under 18. If he wanted to voice complaints or concerns about basketball, he would do so with far more authority than LaVar, who played just one season of major college basketball. "Don't worry about what people on Twitter are saying, don't worry about what this media outlet is saying or that one or your agent [is saying]".

Are you not fed up with it?

Before Sunday's game against the New York Knicks, the head coach of the Dallas Mavericks, Rick Carlisle, made some rather interesting comments towards ESPN regarding the ongoing saga between LaVar Ball and Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton.

They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that LaVar Ball wasn't going to change, but they don't seem to know what to do now that Ball has continued his criticism in the public arena.

Carlisle, who serves as president of the NBA's Coaches Association, argued that ESPN should consider its sources and determine if they have any merit or are simply "blowhard loudmouths".

I completely agree with Carlisle here.

The Lakers reenforced the rule because LaVar Ball was criticizing the coaching staff. But the entire time he is just trying to trick the defense, and does just that. LaVar responded by telling her to "stay in your lane", which was, if not sexist, at least dismissive and inappropriate.

"The guys who coach high school are the ones who really have to deal with the parents".

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He is averaging a career-high 13.4 points per game despite averaging six fewer minutes than last season. "I got a problem with ESPN deciding that's a story".

"There's an old saying in the stock game that you go loud and go long", Cuban said. "When you try and do it your way: Goodbye". In fact, he's a natural, as evidenced by his 39-4 record during Steve Kerr's absence two years ago. He puts the Lakers' struggles on both the players and the coaches.

These aren't examples censuring LaVar's self-promotion. "I know he's coming to L.A.", Ball said to Goodman.

Comments such as those might be obnoxious, but they aren't necessarily harmful to his children. That sells, and that's what's true in politics, entertainment and now in sports. "He's handling it great", Kerr said of Walton.

In case you didn't know.


"Kuzma sums things up perfectly with the very last quote in the ESPN article, in which he states "... the people that really matter are the people in the Lakers organization". They're seeing that the squeaky, pompous, bloviating, self-serving wheel is getting every ounce of grease it desires.

The rookie's primary counterpart on an up-and-down night was fellow first-year player De'Aaron Fox, who emerged as one of Ball's chief foils during their brief collegiate tenures.