Jazz guard Rodney Hood swats phone out of fan's hand after ejection


One fan at the Utah Jazz's 107-104 victory over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night didn't heed this advice, and he paid the ultimate price (or not, depending on whether he had an upgrade available): Rodney Hood slapped a phone out of his hand.

The sentiment seems fair enough, if not the way Hood went about it. Hopefully the thing wasn't completely destroyed because it will show the 25-year-old shooting guard's furious expression as he was being filmed storming off the court. Hood was walking down the Jazz bench and toward the tunnel to the locker room, and as he got to the end of the bench a fan with a courtside seat had his phone out taking a video of Hood's walk of shame.

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Rodney Hood had himself a tough night at the office Wednesday. Clearly it's not ideal or anyone's idea of role-model behavior for Hood to go around knocking expensive property out of the hands of people who have paid to watch him play basketball. But let's be totally honest here: There's not an National Basketball Association player alive who watched this clip and didn't enjoy it as much as you enjoyed watching f-king rat-faced Joffrey die for the first time.nor should there be.

The turnovers came back to haunt the Wizards, who coughed the ball up a season-high 23 times, which the Jazz turned into 27 points. They got 21 points from Ricky Rubio and sealed the game on a steal by rookie Donovan Mitchell.