Inside the tense, profane White House meeting on immigration


It's not like we've lacked for clues. "I'd like to move forward and discuss ways in which we can protect our country".

I spoke with others who were surprised at the extent of the backlash to Trump's comments.

"This has turned into an "s-show" and we need to get back to being a great country where Democrats and Republicans work together to do something that we should have done years ago". "All over", Trump told columnists in the Oval Office when gotten some information about his remarks.

When Durbin confirmed that Graham was on board with the deal, Trump invited both Senators to meet with him at noon, according to the Post, whose account of what happened is based on interviews with more than a dozen White House officials, Capitol Hill aides and lawmakers.

I mention them all because they deserve to be enshrined in a Hall of Shame. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said she did not recall "that exact phrase". "By the way, if I look around that room, half the people that were in there I remember from the campaign, and I remember them sleep deprived, drinking cases of Red Bull because they couldn't keep up with [my father]". Then Cotton and Perdue did the Sunday-morning TV circuit, and seemed to outright deny the claims.

"Other profane words - I don't think they were appropriate either, and they were not used by the President", Nielsen told Sen.

When Mr Durbin was challenged about his version of what term Mr Trump used, the IL senator said: "I stand by every word I said about what was said".

The Post reports, "The meeting was short, tense and often dominated by loud cross-talk and swearing, according to Republicans and Democrats familiar with the meeting". "I never thought I'd say that, but I do like him a lot". Graham said. "It doesn't mean that they're black or white, rich or poor". There appears to be little difference in meaning between the two words. "I don't believe those views represent America". "It's not where you come from that matters, it's what you're willing to do once you get here".

Many African journalists, from all over the continent, are very angry about Trump, says Kwinika, who's the editor of CAJ News, a network of journalists based in Johannesburg.

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As for the unfinished DACA deal, Nielsen said her staffers had still been working with Senators to try and bridge the gap on a possible deal, as one veteran Republican urged all sides to compromise. Unlike his Republican colleagues, who have insisted that Trump did not use such terminology, Graham's account has remained consistent.

Maurice Watson, pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, called the reported remark "dehumanizing" and "ugly" and said "whoever made such a wrong and they ought to be held accountable".

Honorable men would resign after such a remarkable revelation of their crummy character; neither Cotton nor Perdue will. I'd like to think that all senators would, but we already know how deep the tribal instinct runs.

It should be clear that the house-hole distinction, should it even have existed, would not count as "allowing" Cotton and Perdue to deny the President's remarks on any terms.

In short, the whole thing was already ridiculous.

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says President Donald Trump is "not going to apologize for trying to fix our immigration system", as the fall-out continues from Trump's reported use of a vulgarity to describe some African countries. It turns out the statement Sens.

Nielsen said she did not believe Trump would have the authority to extend the March 5 deadline for the ending of the program.