HBO releases trailer for upcoming Joe Paterno movie


Their work together in You Don't Know Jack most-likely led to the artists working again together on Paterno.

A release date is vaguely set for Spring 2018, but now we have a 30-second teaser trailer for the upcoming movie. Academy Award® and Emmy® Award victor Al Pacino returns to HBO in the title role, as Penn State's Joe Paterno in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.

HBO debuted its teaser trailer for "Paterno", starring Al Pacino as Joe Paterno. Paterno was sacked in November 2011 after coaching the Penn State Nittany Lions for 45 years.

The HBO trailer shows a glimpse of a scene in which Pacino and Kathy Baker, portraying Paterno and his wife, Sue, address the media and students from their front lawn in State College after the firing. Paterno died in January 2012 of lung cancer.

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The director/executive producer of the film is Barry Levinson, who's worked on other works such as "The Natural" and "Good Morning, Vietnam". He knew there were rumors. But Sara Ganim, who won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Penn St. scandal and worked as a consultant on the series, said the shockwaves from the Penn State sex abuse scandal are still felt today in Happy Valley.

Paterno "did act upon" the rumblings he had heard and 'did say he thought someone should look into this, ' Pacino noted.

Pacino told the critics he approached the role of Paterno as a character, rather than the real person.

"Joe Paterno was known as an honorable man, an educator, a humanitarian, Levinson said".