Greta Gerwig on Woody Allen: 'I Will Not Work for Him Again'


Sorvino, who is one of artists who has accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse, says in letter that in December he met Dylan's bror, journalist Ronan Farrow, who uncovered in a report for New York Times abuses of producer.

Gerwig added: "If I had known then what I know now, I would not have acted in the film". The allegations made against Weinstein led to an industry-wide reckoning and movement to curtail sexual harassment and misconduct against women across all professions.

Now, in an open letter to Dylan Farrow, Sorvino has expressed her regret about working with Allen, saying that she is "terribly sorry" and will never work with the director again. The director denied the allegations made against him, the allegations were first surfaced in 1992 when Allen split from Mia Farrow. Recently, Farrow has become more outspoken about Allen's alleged actions, calling out actors who have worked with him after the allegations went public.

Sorvino explains in her letter that she had "cherished" Allen's written work when she was a child and describes herself as being "in awe" of his films.

Following the session, Sorvino briefly told the press that ever since directors Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff came out with their apologies about not considering Sorvino for roles per Weinstein's resistance, that "since those allegations or revelations there seems to be a lot of goodwill toward me in the entertainment business and I'm getting offers".

Greta Gerwig on Woody Allen: 'I Will Not Work for Him Again'
Greta Gerwig on Woody Allen: 'I Will Not Work for Him Again'

She continued, "It is hard to sever ties and denounce your heroes, your benefactors, whom you fondly admired and felt a debt of gratitude toward for your entire career's existence". Fortunately, Gerwig made up for the moment in her joint interview with Aaron Sorkin in The New York Times on January 9. "I am ashamed I did this", she wrote on Facebook. "But that is where we stand today".

Numerous women who have been asked about their participation in Alen's movies have skirted the issue, giving some variation of "Well, I only know him as an artist" or "I can't speak personally to the accusations because I wasn't there".

"Sexual politics have no place in power dynamics", she said.

No one is necessarily ideal, but an important part of trying to make true change is to really reckon with that damaging past. "I think it all requires great consideration and thought". "We are in a day and age when everything must be re-examined", Sorvino wrote. "This kind of abuse can not be allowed to continue". As a mother and a woman, this breaks my heart for you. "If this means tearing down all the old gods, so be it", Sorvino wrote to Farrow. "The cognitive dissonance, the denial and cowardice that spare us painful truths and prevent us from acting in defense of innocent victims while allowing 'beloved" individuals to continue their heinous behavior must be jettisoned from the bottom of our souls", Sorvino wrote.

Read Sorvino's full letter to Dylan at HuffPost.

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