Google Duo Users can Make Calls to Smartphone Without Duo Installed


Of the two, the video-messaging enabled Duo app has more spark than Allo as its latest update is to enable users to call up contacts regardless of the Duo app installed on their devices, or not.

The popularity of the app is anticipated to only go up the curve as wherein other apps require both the participants of a call to essentially have the same app installed, Duo comes up as a welcome exception, serving as its USP for one and all. They can also mute their microphone, change cameras, and hang up on the caller.

The update that lets people make calls to those who do not have Duo installed in their device is meant to reduce the complaints that "none of my friends use Duo".

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Reports, however, say this ability to make Duo calls to even those who aren't using the app is now restricted to Android users. It is said that this feature works the same way it does with regular Duo calls including Knock-Knock. The person on the receiving end of the call is asked with a prompt if he wants to install Duo on his phone. It also provides an option to block future calls from the user so as to provide more privacy and not to allow anyone to keep making calls without your permission. Well, this is done via a feature of Google Play services called App Preview Messaging, which launched alongside Allo back in 2016. Duo will now send video chats to those with Android phones who have yet to download the app on to their handset. But it is not going to work with everyone on your contacts as the report shows that only some legitimate contacts are being listed.

What are your thoughts on this new-found feature on Google Duo? It is available only to select developers via an early-access preview program but did not make its way to all users of the app.