Filipinos top Pornhub's 'most time spent' list again


PornHub's annual deep dive into user stats and searches has revealed that, in 2017, people made a decision to take the fidget spinner trend to new levels.

So why was there a sudden increase in women users?

If you're among the 28.5 billion visitors on the site, you'd have contributed to the 24.7 billion searches performed on the site a year ago. Or that more people voted on Pornhub videos past year than in the US Presidential election?

"2017 seems to have been the year where women have come forward to express their desires more openly".

Pornhub reports that every 5 minutes, the site transmits more data than the entire contents of the New York Public library's 50 million books.

2017 has noticed an evident shift in interest for porn categories.

With women's rights invigorated by anti-Trump protests and the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, it isn't surprising to see "Porn for Women" was the top trending search for the year.

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The Cuckold category had the biggest increase in views, up 72 per cent from 2016.

New Year's Eve also seemed like a time to be doing other things, with a 35 per cent fall in traffic in the United Kingdom - and Christmas Day saw a 30 per cent drop. Even though Pikachu is male, he's also an animal which makes any porn with him bestiality, which isn't our bag personally, but we'd rather you fantasize about sex with fictional animals rather than have sex with actual real ones, so ... whatever rocks your joystick, yo. The new Nintendo Switch doesn't have a web browser yet, but you can imagine this console will spike up in viewers once it does. That's a LOT of porn. The affordable smartphone data packages and equally responsible for the rise in traffic on porn sites.

Australia, meanwhile, had a few interesting stats of its own.

Filipinas top the table of female users of Pornhub, while the country as a whole spends the longest time per visit.

Filipinos spent 13 minutes and 28 seconds on the average, representing a 43-second increase from the previous year's results, which coincides with the 23-second increase to the global average of 9 minutes and 59 seconds. And we still love lesbian porn, while massage porn has apparently fallen out of favour.

Also popular for some ungodly reason?