Ellen DeGeneres Reveals That Her Father Passed Away


The comedian and talk show host began her show today by sharing the tragic news of her father's passing.

Authorities confirmed Tuesday that at least 13 people have been killed and 25 people have been injured with crews rescuing 50 people by air and dozens more from the ground.

DeGeneres, 59, became emotional during an episode of her daytime talk show as she shared how she and her wife Portia de Rossi were forced to evacuate from their home, reports an entertainment website. When I was a little girl, we came to this lot, to the Warner Bros. lot and took the tour and went around.

Singer Seal has lashed out at media mogul Oprah Winfrey following her inspirational Golden Globes speech, claiming she knew about the rumors surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein but did nothing.

"We were expecting rain this week and usually we're grateful for rain, especially in California, but not after the largest fire in the history of California", she continued.

DeGeneres said Elliot "was very proud of me. Who would've expected we have this devastation again with the mudslides, and so soon", she said. It's not just a wealth community.

Following months of record-breaking wildfires, California is now suffering the aftermath of deadly mudslides caused by heavy rain and flash flooding.

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Ellen DeGeneres shared a photo of the devastation outside her Montecito home Wednesday. "Pretty awesome." She then showed her audience the touching photo she took of a rainbow flawless hanging over her sound stage. And there are families missing, there are people who are missing family members.

In the below clip, Ellen uses her monologue to explain how much she loves Montecito.

Winfrey said while walking around she saw some of her neighbors homes were "gutted", while others are "gone, just gone".

Ellen went on to share a touching story about her first visit to the Warner Brother's lot, where she now hosts her show.

"He was a kind man, very accepting man; there was not one bone of judgment in his body", DeGeneres added.

"I work in LA, but I consider Montecito my home".