Dark Souls Remastered Goes to Switch


The topic of when this confirmed January Nintendo Direct will be happening exactly has been driving gamers insane, but if Kotaku's sources are correct, then all of that excitement will finally be coming to a head today. Bandai Namco announced the remastered version of the original Dark Soul game now they have revealed more info about how the game will run and look.

Dark Souls Remastered will be released in the West on May 25, while the Dark Souls Trilogy Box will release a day earlier in Japan. It was From Software's first entry in the medieval-Gothic RPG series under the Bandai Namco publishing label after originally releasing Demon Souls for the PS3 under Sony's label. The Nintendo Switch version will, however, run at 1080p and 30fps.

Dark Souls was originally released with an atrocious state on PC however thanks to mods, the game ended up being a huge success with more than 2 million copies sold so far.

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One of our sources indicates that Bandai Namco plans to bring all three Dark Souls games to Switch eventually, but the oft-rumoured "trilogy" bundle is not how this will be happening - yet. Nintendo has confirmed this to be the case with their Dark Souls: Remastered page. Dark Souls Remastered for Switch was announced during the January 2018 Nintendo Direct. It seems that despite listings saying quite the opposite, Dark Souls Remastered will not feature HDR on PS4 Pro after all.

Are you glad that the rumors were true? It won't have the visual fidelity of the other platforms, but it does offer the option to play Dark Souls on a handheld. Will you get it for the Nintendo Switch or another system?