Charming 'Paddington 2' a treat for all ages


The movie is adorable and enjoyable for kids and adults, and has received glowing reviews from critics.

He takes up odd jobs at the barbers and cleaning windows in the neighbourhood, in order to collect money for a "popping book" of London, which he intends to buy from the immigrant antique dealer Mr. Gruber (Jim Broadbent). We spoke to Hugh Grant, who plays actor Phoenix Buchanan, Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr. The bear who raised him is back in the jungles of Peru, and only the ideal gift will do. That's it! Aunt Lucy has always wanted to visit London, but she has never had the chance.

His new family is made up of nice people: Father Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville), mother Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins), his brother Jonathan Brown (Samuel Joslin), and Sister Judy Brown (Madeleine Harris). He wants this book to send it as a gift to his Anglophile Aunt Lucy in Peru for her 100th birthday. There he finds the flawless present. That thief is washed-up actor Phoenix Buchanan, played marvelously by, who just nabbed a for his "Paddington" performance.

Paddington 2 opens on January 12 across the country.

Paddington in prisonCourtesy of Warner Bros. Now we slip back to see that Paddington continues to inspire joy in the Browns and everyone around him. He said most children loved the film, "but my own children loathed it". Everything from the colorful wallpaper of the Brown residence to the interior layout of Paddington's prison is visual pleasing to behold and further helps to bring the film's whimsical universe to life.

To this day you can still get Paddingtons in wellingtons, most notably from the kiosk in Paddington station, and it's all thanks to the Clarksons. Will anyone really find the treasure?

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But the real draw of Paddington and his friends are the warm, cute characters straight out of a bed time story book. These scenes are a showcase for cinematographer Erik Wilson, who has clearly been studying his Wes Anderson, and once the commissary becomes a confectionery, all the inmates get to dip in and out of the frame so they're in on the joke. His very presence keeps the Windsor Gardens neighbourhood in good spirits, and even in prison he's able to transform a place of punishment into a colourful, upbeat wonderland.

Unfortunately, a bearded man on a bicycle steals it away, leaving Paddington to try to track him down. Paddington as a character was loved by the audience because it was inherently very good and there was not an inch of malice in him which is mostly the case animated films as they are primarily for children.

If the first film was a thematic allegory to foreign policies and opening up our hearts to take in those that have no home, Paddington 2 feels like light family-friendly commentary on criminals; sometimes people get caught up doing bad things for reasons that don't accurately reflect who they are, and could even be a result of how they were treated by others. This film is a great movie for the whole family. That's not exactly a sin, as Streep is a power player who knows how to knock one out of the park, but there should have been a little more attention given to Hugh Grant's role as Florence's husband, St. Clair Bayfield. The world does indeed feel right in the company of this kind and polite little bear.

Why Clarkson didn't mention this while talking about the movie is quite beyond me. His eyes are especially "real" and express all his emotions beautifully. But the most important lesson that the movie teaches us involves the following quote by Paddington.

Paddington 2 is sweet without being diabetic and endearing without being manipulative.

Did you see the first Paddington movie? And yes, if you're a fan of the BBC's "Top Gear" and Amazon's "The Grand Tour".