Charge Sanctuary City Politicians With a Crime, Says Acting ICE Director


Just as California's new sanctuary state status went into effect, mock signs were posted at the state border.

The California Department of Transportation removed fake signs posted on I-15 near Primm and another on Interstate 40 near Needles, California, on Monday and Tuesday.

Fake highway signs have cropped up along California state welcome signs to criticize a new immigration policy that began January 1. Jerry Brown, who signed "sanctuary state" legislation in October that would limit the ability of federal law enforcement to catch illegal aliens detained by local law enforcement.

Human said he plans to send in federal agents to protect residents in cities and states that refuse to work with ICE on immigration issues.

The signs in photos and videos being circulated on social media are similar to one placed in Malibu in April 2017, after it declared itself a sanctuary city.

Caltrans officials removed the signs and had received reports of three more, one near the Arizona-California border and two at the border with OR, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Jose Artica then age 19 of El Salvador is handcuffed and removed from a house in Alexandria Virginia in April 2007
Jose Artica then age 19 of El Salvador is handcuffed and removed from a house in Alexandria Virginia in April 2007

The Sanctuary State sign, which adds "Felons, Illegals and MS13 [gang members] welcome", is similar to one hung up by a Malibu activist previous year.

The Values Act has been called a tool for public safety, put in place to ensure that immigrants continue to feel safe cooperating with local police as reporters of crimes and witnesses in court.

The law was dubbed by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as "unconscionable", but it was also defended by Brown as a reaction to "this kind of xenophobia we see coming out of Washington". During the booking process, people are fingerprinted, and those fingerprints go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation which sends them to ICE. "We are going to detail additional enforcement assets to California".

"I think it's awful".

Claiming "more citizens are going to die because of these policies", Homan said the Justice Department must hold some politicians "personally accountable". President Donald Trump has himself criticised the programmes, threatening to pull funding from the cities - even though the legality of doing so has been questioned. In Texas, for instance, the passage of Senate Bill 4, which would have outlawed sanctuary city policies in the state, was met with fierce opposition that tied parts of the bill up in the courts.

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