BioWare's entire fate rests on Anthem


As reported by Game Rant, BioWare is now looking for a live search executive producer for "Anthem".

However, the caveat to DA4 is that, while it will largely be focused on story-based content, there will be more live elements in the game, something that EA has demanded from all of its titles: "Games as a service", though it will remain to be seen how that will be implemented in Dragon Age 4. Also, the mere nature of Anthem as a consistent multi-player game means its way more acceptable for it to have problems at launch that will be fixed over time. Three sources claim Anthem is now releasing in early 2019, not fall 2018, and that the game's fall 2018 was "never realistic" in the first place. It started out with BioWare's Mass Effect Andromeda being a colossal disappointment in the eyes of the fanbase, so much so that they decide to suspend any further activity with the franchise. The same is true for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but the backlash we saw from that game wasn't centered around things like glitches and odd visuals, but rather microtransactions. Fortunately, in the 6 years it has taken to develop Anthem, it sounds as if the process has gotten a little bit better in Schreier's report. "Some close to the Anthem team have criticized that fact, suggesting that the game's development was floundering, but veteran Anthem staff point out that most big new franchises have long gestation periods".

When Anthem was first announced, it was given a 2018 release window, though many called that goal unrealistic.

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However, with Destiny 2 having been on the receiving end of much criticism for its use of loot boxes and EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 becoming embroiled in a major controversy over its microtransactions previous year, there's concern that Anthem will follow this trend into similarly divisive territory.

It's a great read, so be sure to head over to Kotaku to check it out.