Amazon's Alexa Is Coming to Some Toyota and Lexus Cars


This feature will allow Toyota and Lexus customers in the USA to interact with Alexa in the vehicle.

A number of carmakers have introduced Amazon Alexa voice commands that can activate the locks and climate control on their cars, but Toyota is going a step further with Alexa integration by bringing Alexa into the auto.

While Alexa is yet to be offered in Australia, it is coming in the first quarter of this year. In the past, voice assistants in vehicles only had a few functionalities, including the ability to control lights, locks and starting engines. "They also want it everywhere they are during the day".

As you might imagine, this is only the beginning.

Amazon's Alexa is extending its domain to a whole new set of gadgets. "Voice and AI can simplify everyday tasks for customers, and now that includes capabilities on their desktops and laptops".

Assume that a Windows-enabled computers Amazon Alexa will appear in the current year.

If you decode PR-speak, the answer is clearly yes, but Amazon isn't ready to talk about it yet, probably because there's still development to be done and it might take a while. At CES 2018, a slew of devices were lined up to showcase the debut of Alexa on Windows 10 PCs. My use of Cortana demonstrated that the Microsoft's digital assistant was very good at running a Bing search, but not a lot else.

Alexa is also making its way deeper into the realm of Microsoft's Cortana.

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The company doesn't disclose sales of Echo devices beyond a year-end news release touting the sales of "tens of millions" of Alexa-enabled devices during the holiday season.

The partnership will bring to life Amazon's plans to expand its speech platform beyond one's home.

"We have all seen how Alexa has transformed interaction in homes, but in today's world, we are constantly on the go". With a simple voice command a user can access an array of information, such as weather, news or sports scores, play games and plug into thousands of "skills", the Alexa version of a smartphone app. That's not yet possible with Vuzix's glasses, but similar functionality is already appearing on smartphones thanks to features like Google Lens and Samsung Bixby.

Other devices seemed to extend the definition of smart home to new corners. Vuzix envisions a future in which a user could walk down the street wearing its glasses, glance over at a sign for an upcoming concert, and then ask Alexa to purchase a ticket for that event.

In August, tied-up with Amazon to let - rivaling Google Assistant and. That response will result in a sort of War of the Assistants, perhaps much like the web browser wars of the 1990s, in which each company will try to outdo the other in the usefulness and ubiquity of their products.

Amazon's Alexa virtually dominates the voice-based AI space with a 82% market share with Google Home way behind at 18%.

Behind the scenes, the online retailer has aggressively orchestrated Alexa's rise by dramatically lowering the barrier for any company to add it to their products.