Amazon shares rise as Alexa is coming to more third-party tech


In November, Google launched out an upgrade that will permit you to employ Home devices in your house as intercom systems.

As the battle for voice assistant market share heats up, both Google and Amazon will be vying for more real estate.

Amazon's intelligent assistant Alexa will be going for a ride in select Toyota and Lexus vehicles later this year.

Many automakers have struggled with voice recognition software for years, causing a clunky or ineffective user experience. In the meantime, CES 2018 might be filled with smart products until its final day. You got to check out this video right now! For example, there are Nest, LG, and Wemo sections that'll show you the actions you can take with their smart products. It's unclear if this would be limited to Google's own offerings, like subscriptions to Google Play Music, its Spotify and Apple Music competitor, or more broadly to other vendors, as Alexa permits.

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The body as a whole favors an oval shape versus the rectangular nature of the Lenovo Smart Display, and while you won't find any bamboo back here, it's arguably the sleeker of the two thanks to the all-black paint job.

As for products with Google Voice integration, Klipsch confirmed that the products that will come with Google Assistant built-in will include its Heritage Wireless speakers, the Heritage Three and The Heritage One.

It's just incredible how lots of people are coming to this event year after year and they're all excited to show stuff and find out stuff and they leave with much fun and facts learned from this event, even if a lot of those things are weird and majority show devices, it's actually great for everyone.

So much so that according to a report from Bloomberg, Google could be considering revamping it online store where the focus is made on Google Assistant and the various devices that support it. The 8-inch model comes with a soft matte finish, while the 10-inch version can be customized with a bamboo finish. It seems that in order to accept smart, voice-operated assistants, we prefer separate devices nestled in the corner (or on the boardroom table) than what's effectively the same tech on our phones.