A swarm of armed drones attacked a Russian military base in Syria


"On the night of 5 January and into the early hours of the next day, Russian forces in Syria came under attack by a ", says the Russian Ministry of Defence. Putin has claimed that Syrian Attacks on the Russian Airbase in Khmeimim were aimed at disrupting relations that Russia maintains with Turkey and Iran. Seven were destroyed by anti-aircraft defences and the others were brought down using electronic countermeasures to hijack or jam the drone's controls and land them intact.

Of the latter, three exploded when they hit the ground and three more were captured intact, the ministry said.

'When the terrorists arrived at the facility where they were to board a minibus, the whole subversive group was eliminated by the Krasnopol high-precision munition, ' the ministry said in its official statement.

He was speaking after Russian forces in Syria faced an assault by 13 makeshift drones launched from a rebel village 50 miles away.

A first of its kind mass drone attack was confirmed by Russian Federation and they say there may be a Ukrainian connection to this attack.

According to Novikov, creating this sort of weapon is impossible in home-made conditions. "But one thing is for certain - the drones used in these attacks don't resemble any drones used by other countries, except for the USA".

Bombs said to be attached to drones used to strike two Russian military bases in Syria
A swarm of armed drones attacked a Russian military base in Syria

The Pentagon strongly denied any involvement.

Idlib has been a source of tension between regime-backer Russian Federation and rebel-supporter Turkey, with Ankara accusing the Syrian regime of stepping up its offensive on key rebel-held areas there. That's something Russian Federation and other governments are becoming very aware of.

Turkey has been fiercely opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his country's six-year-old civil war but has recently been working with his allies Russian Federation and Iran for a political resolution to the conflict. The agreement has helped reduce fighting and warm ties between Russian Federation and Turkey.

Western countries are increasingly vulnerable to "swarm" attacks by armed drones as terrorist groups adopt new tactics, a USA military expert has warned.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Thursday he should stop Syrian attacks on its opposition in northern Syria if he wants peace negotiations to succeed, Turkish presidential sources said. Without naming any organizers of the attack, he said that the nation knows who the attackers are and how much they are paid for the attacks. In fact, it is quite obvious that there were elements of high-tech nature there. Secondly, it was about our relations with our partners - Turkey and Iran.

On Dec. 11, Putin ordered the start of a withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, adding that the Tartus and Khmeimim bases would still be in use. The incursions have raised doubts about the sustainability of the Assad government's recent victories and Moscow's ability to protect its gains in Syria.

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