Saudi-led coalition launches fresh airstrikes, at least 9 killed in Shabwa


The statement from the USA -backed coalition, carried by Saudi state TV, said the missile was sacked by the Houthis.

The letter to the Swiss envoy envisages protest regarding Haley's "provocative" and "irresponsible" remarks, which had been based on "fake evidence", Qasemi was quoted as saying.

A missile fired from Yemen at the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, bears the hallmarks of a weapon provided by Iran, the United States ambassador to the United Nations has said.

Over the past three years, the Houthis have fired dozens of missiles into Saudi Arabia, including one that landed near Saudi Arabia's King Khalid International Airport last month. Locals also said that coalition aircraft bombed a new parliament building, part of a government compound being built in Sanaa, causing damage but no casualties. The Houthi-run Defense Ministry claimed responsibility for that attack.

Houthi rebels seized the Yemeni capital of Sana'a in late 2014, forcing the country's internationally recognized president, Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, to flee to Saudi Arabia. Iran, a Shia-oriented regional heavyweight and arch-rival of Sunni-inclined Saudi Arabia, has repeatedly denied it had armed the Houthis. Since then, the World Health Organization says health facilities have reported more than 8,700 conflict-related deaths and 50,000 injuries. "Our long hand will reach other places, God willing", he said.

Saudi-led coalition launches fresh airstrikes, at least 9 killed in Shabwa
Saudi-led coalition launches fresh airstrikes, at least 9 killed in Shabwa

In terms of humanitarian aid, Col al-Maliki said that the coalition is continuing in its efforts to deliver aid to the Yemeni people, despite the continued ballistic missile launches by the Iranian backed group.

On Tuesday, the UN Human Rights office said that Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed at least 136 people and injured around 87 people since December 6.

Over 5,500 civilians have died since the start of the coalition's military campaign in March 2015, according to the UN.

The spokesman said the Yemen conflict could only be solved through diplomatic means.

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